COTS Attorney-at-law
Dr. Marcio Cots

Marcio CotsManaging Partner

Brazilian lawyer and professor. LetsLaw Foreign Legal Consultant (outside Europe) giving legal advice on the Brazilian legal system and acting as legal project manager for companies starting their business in the US. Foreign Legal Consultant (outside US) at CyberlawStudio PLLC, an American law firm based in New York City. Managing Partner of COTS Attorneys-at-law, a Brazilian law firm based in Sao Paulo specialized in the digital economy with focus on data protection, cybersecurity, startups, e-commerce and IT companies.Data Privacy Consultant at GetGlobal International, an American consulting company that offers services for companies and professionals to comply with personal data processing regulations.
Marcio holds various qualifications and has attended executive programs across Brazil and the United States including the Leadership in Corporate Counsel Program, at Harvard Business School - Harvard University and Cyberlaw Program, at Harvard Law School - Harvard University. Consultant invited by the Brazilian Senate to discuss the installments of the Brazilian GDPR and Coauthor of the book "Brazilian GDPR Reviewed" - Thomson Reuters - 2018.  Legal Consultant of the Brazilian E-Commerce Association (ABCOMM) and Legal Director of the Brazilian Association of Internet of Things (ABINC).
Author of several articles on the subject Rights in the Digital environment and coauthor of book on the Brazilian Civil Regulatory Framework of the Internet. He has advised companies from Brazil, USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Cyprus and Angola.


Ricardo OliveiraPartner

Partner at COTS Attorneys-At-Law, a firm specialized in Cyber law, Data Protection, Information Technology and E-commerce. He has an MBA in Strategic Business Management from the Paulista Information Technology and Business Administration School – FIAP, and a college extension course in Information Technology Law from FGV-EPGE and specialization in Labor Law and Procedures from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is also a co-author in the book on Civil Rights Framework for Internet Use –Atlas Publishing – 2014.

He has worked for over 10 years in the legal field, focused on the multidisciplinary and interaction approach of the various branches of the Law, with emphasis on e-commerce and information technology companies.

Dr. Ricardo Oliveira
Dr. Marcio Cots

Carlos RibeiroConsultant

A COTS Attorney-at-Law consultant specialized in Cyber Law, Information Technology and cyber security. 

He has been a specialist in the Linux platform and open standards since 1998. He has national and international experience: AT&M Technology; Cisco of Brazil; H&R BLOCK - USA; Ace Store - USA, Novell; Komputer Linux. Courses and certifications: MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), Novell Certified Linux Administrator, Novell Certified Linux Professional, CCNA Cisco, Novell OES Bootcamp, Novell Identity Manager, IBM Data Center Technical Specialist, IBM – SystemZ and ACS Cisco, as well as a speaker at national and international events, such as LinuxWorld, FISL, IBM CIO Meeting, Novell Kickoff (Paris and Orlando), Conisli, SUSE Hackfest (Nuremberg, Germany), FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium), openSUSE Conference (Thessaloniki, Greece), ScaLE (Los Angeles, USA), openSUSE Hack Week (Los Angeles, USA).


Denise MerelesAttorney

Associate attorney at COTS Attorneys-at-law, Mrs. Denise hold a graduation degree in Law and pos-graduation in Labor and Civil Law from Escola Paulista de Direito, with extensive experience in law suits related with IT (information technology) matters. 

Dr. Ricardo Oliveira
Dr. Marcio Cots

Anderson CarvalhoAttorney

Associate attorney at COTS Attorneys-at-law, he has a law degree and Extension in Civil Procedure, has been working for almost 10 years in the legal area, focusing on the multidisciplinarity of the most different branches of Law , such as: Civil, Tax, Administrative and Labor Law, besides being active in the advisory and litigation, with a focus on IT - Information Technology and e-commerce.


Amanda AlmeidaAttorney

Associate attorney at COTS Attorneys-at-law, has a degree in Law and a postgraduate degree in Business Law, by Insper. Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of São Bernardo do Campo - FDSBC. He has experience in mass litigation, contract management and control, working mainly with ecommerce and digital tracking companies.

Dr. Ricardo Oliveira 
Dr. Marcio Cots

José BañosConsultant

Foreign legal consultant of COTS Attorneys-at-law, acting directly from Madrid.  Founding partner of LETSLAW. A digital and bussiness Law Firm specialized in Data Protection, E-commerce, New Technologies and Intellectual Property Law. 
He has extensive experience in customer management and team leadership and has participated in many projects both in the field of data protection and Information Security. In particular, it has carried out numerous GDPR implementation projects.
José María has more than 15 years’ experience in advising both large companies and startups on privacy matters, especially on everything related to its adaptation to the current regulatory framework and its impact on the national and international community. 
Ha has the APEP ACP certification (APEP-Certified Privacy) as a Legal Consultant, granted by the Spanish Professional Privacy Association (APEP) with the capacity to act as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), figure regulated in the RGPD. 
He also works as a lecturer on data protection at the University of Nebrija, the Spanish School of Industrial Organization (EOI), ICEMD - ESIC and Villanueva University Center.